Picnics at the Goat

Fainting Goat has the first date market cornered. The vibe is nice, but casual, and not only is the menu good, it’s also succinct – making it easy to eye over quickly without pausing the natural flow of banter. For a less date-y scene, stop by for brunch.
- The Infatuation

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31 Greatest Bar Names in America

What makes a great bar name? To find out, Thrillist scanned the Country and came up with this list. The rules were simple , the name had to be completely unique. Find out how we came up with The Fainting Goat!

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100 Very Best Restaurants 2015

While gastropubs are no longer the hot dining trend, this warm neighborhood tavern embodies what popularized the movement: unfussy, creative food, a generous list of brews, and familiar service, even to new faces.
- Washingtonian

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